Welcome to my website! I’m happy that you’re here. If you don’t already know me, hello!

My name is Kelly and I’m an award-winning global marketing expert, business growth consultant and speaker.

I have worked with multi-national corporate organisations, FTSE 250 companies, global megabrands including Coca-Cola, Sensodyne, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and The Walgreens Boots Alliance, as well as thousands of small and medium sized businesses to accelerate their growth and …I’d love to work with you too!

Using marketing and communication skills to facilitate business growth is my purpose and my absolute passion and I’m incredibly lucky that I get to wake up every morning and do work that I love.

After graduating from Cardiff University with a First-Class Honours Degree in English Literature, an MA in English Literature and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations, I first began my marketing career in London.

For over 18 years, I have worked in prominent global marketing agencies in London, Barcelona, Brussels, Paris and New York and have consulted for some of the world’s best brands and businesses, including well-loved person brands, such as Dr. Demartini and even, The Hairy Bikers.

Between 2014 and 2016, I also worked in-house for AstraZeneca and managed internal and external global communications across various therapeutic areas and business initiatives.

Back in 2014, I also gained my Accredited Diploma in Internet Marketing and successfully rounded out my traditional marketing knowledge with the latest in digital marketing techniques.

Soon after that, I started working closely with SMEs and applying big business thinking and techniques to small businessess and start-ups, making me one of the most renowned small business coaches in the UK.

In 2017, I co-founded Marketing Saturday Live, Your Marketing Live and The Business Marketing Mastermind alongside online marketing expert, Matt Duggan.

Together, we now work together in those initiatives to make marketing accessible for small business owners in a jargon-free, honest, practical and super supportive environment.

I still consult for global organisations and have been honoured to speak at business events worldwide, but my real focus is now on accelerating the growth of medium sized businesses – businesses that have proof of concept, but need help growing in to and through 7 figures.   

Throughout my career, I have also been the recipient of several prestigious industry awards, including Top 29 Under 29 (PR Week), Young Achiever of the Year (Communique), the Gold Quill Award for International Communications (IABC) and Startup of The Year (Sevenoaks).

In my spare time, I’m a tiny little bit ‘woo woo’. I’m a huge fan of the Wim Hoff Method, which basically means I like jumping in cold water of any kind, I’m a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner (‘energy flows where attention goes’) and most months, you’ll find me on a personal development workshop or event of some kind.   


Want to know what you’re getting yourself in to, if you work with me?

I’m not here to sell a lifestyle or magic button solution that promises to transform you in to a multi-millionnare, holidaying on Necker Island, within 4-8 weeks. Magic button solutions don’t exist. Running and growing a successful business is 100% achievable for anyone, but it takes strategy, energy and consistency.

If you’re a big business, you’re going to get exceptional strategic advice from me based on years of bug business marketing experience.

If you’re a small to medium sized business, you’re going to get that too, but even more importantly than that, you’re going to get honesty and practical solutions that are cost-efficient.

The majority of business owners that work with me, arrive in a state of frustration. They have spent years and thousands of pounds on courses, coaching programmes and software and yet, their businesses are not where they want them to be.

Why? Because so-called marketing ‘experts’, who are self taught specialists in specific marketing tactics, have over promised to them to line their own pockets.

So here’s the truth. If you want to grow a business, you need sound marketing strategy, creativity AND knowledge of the latest marketing channels. If you have all three of those things AND you apply them consistently over time, you will succeed.

If you only have one of those things, you won’t. And, that’s why so many business owners are struggling right now. They are learning how to create videos for YouTube or build an online sales funnel, without even a second thought for what their business positioning is, how they are differentiating themselves to gain cut-through in a crowded marketplace, or how they can create meaningful content, products and services that anyone actually genuinely cares about.

They are buying in to the dream of the Internet Age and missing the reality of what it takes to grow a business year-in and year-out.